“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

There are those of us who love to read; some lucky few may read to live–but for others of us–well, we live to read.   All are welcomed here, but this blog–well, I’d like it to be a place for those of us who live to read can share the passion and adventure of reading–a place where imagination is applauded, good writing admired, and the sharing of both…inspires the soul.

Every good reader needs a good book (like women need chocolate).  While I like a variety of genres, my preference is for Christian authors.  Which does not mean that I won’t read non-Christian works; they can be an excellent exercise in delving into worldviews that are different than my own, and a book can certainly be well-written without being “Christian”.

How many books have I read in my life?  I really don’t know.  My husband says my “rate of consumption” is at least 1-3 books a week, but I have read as many as 20 stories in the course of a week.   I can read a 330 page book in a little more than 3 hours.  Just reviewing books that are currently on my shelf could keep me busy for a very long time, but I will be sure to add newer books as they come out.

I am currently waiting to read:

Dragonwitch” by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, the fifth in a fantastic fantasy series, that have poignant allegories of Christ.  The author does a marvellous job of weaving intricate plots in artful and amusing ways, but most of all I appreciate the depth; the characters reach the end of themselves and find there is so much more to be had.

The Icing on the Cake” by Janice Thompson, second in her series “Weddings by Design”.  She is an original, who can pencil in chaos and life lessons, amidst love and laughter.  I especially love that she titles her chapters with old song titles or (in another series) TV show titles.  And I love the ethnic variety and flair with which she draws us in and keeps us laughing.

I would love to hear from you!  Let me know what kinds of things you would like to see on this blog.


Jacqueline des Londres St. Hilaire (yes, I even have a pen name)


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