“There you’ll find me” by Jenny Jones

Here’s a book I read straight through.  It first interested me just from reading what it was about: a teenage girl goes to Ireland on an exchange to find peace following her brother’s death, and on the way over is seated next to “teen vampire heartthrob, Beckett Rush”.  As she seeks to hear God’s voice again after her devastating loss, God puts in her path just the people she needs to bring her back to Him.

What I really liked about the book besides the great dialogue (especially between her and Beckett), was how difficult issues weren’t wrapped up with a tidy little bow.   The book takes a deep, honest look at how people deal with problems like loss–often covering their hurts with difficult persona, or by developing other serious problems.  I appreciated that this book was not the kind that went “girl with issues meets boy with problems and their love heals all wounds”.   It took several different types of people and friends to help point Finley in the right direction–from an insightful nun, to a cranky old lady, to simply a friend that cared enough to say something.   It was amusing and riveting, and a book I would recommend even to those over the age of thirty…after all problems don’t go away just because you cease to be a teenager.


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