“Leaving Lancaster” by Kate Lloyd

“Leaving Lancaster” doesn’t really describe this book well, as it is more about returning to Lancaster. About a woman and her adult daughter going to see her ageing mother after living apart for decades, this book held a lot of bitterness, mistrust, and misconceptions. The emotions were probably accurate given the circumstances, but even at the end of the book, one could not be sure where each woman was in their relationship with God.  Further confusing the novel was that it was partially written in first-person and partially in narrative; meaning it was difficult to catch who was describing (or being described) at the beginnings of the chapters, and it was not clear who exactly the main character was.  I haven’t read a whole lot of Amish novels, but this one was not as exciting as others I have read–though perhaps it was a bit more realistic.  

Amish Novels I would recommend are:

“Courting Cate” and “Adoring Addie” by Leslie Gould (the first two in her series Courtships of Lancaster County)

Also “The Heart’s Frontier”, “A Plain and Simple Heart”, and “Cowboy at Heart” from the Amish of Apple Grove series written by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith

I would love to hear your recommendations for Amish novels


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