“Elisha’s Bones” by Don Hoesel

This is one amazing, action-packed book sure to please a male audience; not that females can’t enjoy it as well. It’s National Treasure meets Indiana Jones, as Dr. Hawthorne (an archaeologist) crosses and recrosses the globe searching for bones he’s not sure exists. As the body count rises, and his quest takes a personal twist, Jack Hawthorne finds himself faced with questions (and guns), wondering if he will ever find the answers–and at what cost.  A word of warning, this book is not for the weak of stomach, or the faint of intellect.  

Here are a couple quotations from the book: 

“Do I believe God exists? Sure. Do I believe that the Bible is the arbiter of theological knowledge? There it can get a little hazy. The Bible contains hundreds of fantastical accounts presented to us as fact. But can a reasonable, modern man accept that the earth was created in six days, or that Jonah survived in the stomach of a large fish, or that Joshua stopped the sun from moving?”

“There is much I need to ponder in the coming days, much of it related to responding to a God who has proven himself to be something other than fiction. For the first time in years, maybe I can do it without artifice, without cynicism. But I sincerely hope that’s not a spiritual prerequisite, because I might be sunk.”  


2 comments on ““Elisha’s Bones” by Don Hoesel

  1. […] “Elisha’s Bones” by Don Hoesel (jaybin1984.wordpress.com) […]

    • jaybin1984 says:

      Yeah, the fact that pretty much everyone dies…even the main characters (briefly) was just too much, as well. I believe this is the author’s first book though, so I was trying to be at least a little encouraging; he’s bound to improve–we hope!

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