“A Delirious Summer” by Ray Blackston

“Almost” missionary Neil Rucker wants to do one thing during his furlough: find a good, Christian girl to date–after all, it’s been 7 months, 3 weeks and a day, but who’s counting?  Enter Jay Jarvis, stockbroker-turned-missionary and Neil’s worst student.  He suggests Greenville, SC as a destination–girls, a beach, a car–it’ll be great!  But the dynamics at North Hills Presbyterian have changed drastically since Jay was there–for one thing, the ladies seem to have become migratory…both in location, and in their choice of men.  Just when Neil decides that Greenville and its quirky citizens can’t get any crazier, disaster strikes in Ecuador, and Neil is put in the driving seat to even more adventure.

A very well written sequel to “Flabbergasted” it brings back old friends and introduces new ones.  I love the different perspective readers get when we see some of the same people through Neil’s eyes.  Same great dialogue, including some rooftop conversations with the Almighty, same great message: when God is driving the boat, you don’t know where you’ll end up, but there’s bound to be adventure and laughter along the way!        

One more in the series to go…more on that soon!    


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