“Miracles in a Forgotten Land and Beyond” by Setan & Randa Lee with Shelba Hammond

We would all like to believe that Marxism, Communism, and genocide ended with the Third Reich; but for the people of Cambodia, the New Year of 1975 marked the rise of Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, and the “killing fields”.  This is the story of two young people who survived those deadly fields by the grace of God (though they did not know Him at the time); how they bravely faced impossible circumstances, lived through loss and reunion of family, and followed the call of God on their lives to help their devastated people, and their–now– inhospitable land.  Throughout this book we see the grace and power of God to turn impossible situations–and people–for His own purpose and glory.  

A good book to read if only for the testimonies.  It includes the biography of not only Setan and Randa Lee, but also the biography of the mission they began, and the work that had been accomplished up until the publication of the book. The authors take the time to speak of the current needs and outline how the reader can help.     



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