“Heartless” by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

For those of you who love the fantasy genre, this is one amazing authoress! She puts it so well when asked to describe her inspiration for this novel: “This novel was inspired by several different ideas and events. One of the most important was my desire to take the most classic (almost clichéd) of all Fairy Tale storylines—princess in peril, heroic prince, evil dragon—and do something new with it. The characters in Heartless are classic archetypes, but the direction of the story will surprise you. There is a strong sense of the familiar as well as the new. I love the thought of bringing classic themes and literary ideas into the modern market. In Heartless, the reader will encounter themes and symbols from stories as old as Edmund Spencer’s Faerie Queen, but introduced in a new light. Heartless is a Fairy Tale in the oldest and best sense of the genre.”

Her descriptions are vivid, her characters deep, the situations they find themselves in, excruciating. In my opinion she could well be a female counter-part of C.S Lewis in her ability to tell an entrancing story and subtly bring to mind allegories: of Christ and the Church, Evil incarnate, and the struggling of humankind (or faerie-kind) when faced with Someone so much greater than they can comprehend. “Heartless” is the ultimate faerie tale: for the prince is really a Prince, and the Dragon is really The Dragon, and the Princess…could be any one of us.

I will definitely be reading all her following novels as well.


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