“White Water Preacher” by Carolyn Bravo

Bravo, indeed!  Another classic story line (Two Worlds Collide), but with characters you’ll love, or perhaps, love to hate.  And what imagination!  A San Francisco advertising exec and a part-time preacher, river guide, and taxidermist meet and fall in love in this short (but thankfully not too short!) novel.  

It takes a good author to write about people in such an insightful way–a part-time drunk, who will lend you the shirt off his back; a mentally-challenged teen, who has a penchant for taking things and fixing them up; an old lady, who struggles with being legalistic, but who watches carefully over her grandson; and of course, a preacher, without much schooling, who sees God’s fingerprints in creation (as he stuffs it), are just a few of the characters you’ll meet in this book.

In small town Roaring, fitting in can be both easy and hard, whether you are a new-comer (like Kelli Martin) or have been around a while.  The residents of Roaring all have their struggles in life, as they try to follow the will of God, through the ups and downs that life brings.  I could try to give you more details, but I think it would ruin the book–you really have to read it for yourself–and I think you too, will be drawn in by the threads of each life’s story being weaved together by God, who is the Author and Finisher of all good things in the lives of His people.         


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