“Invisible” by Lorena McCourtney

Written in first person, this book does not give the reader a glimpse into the life of Ivy Malone; it drags you in by the collar and forces you to put on Ivy’s old sneakers enhanced with brown shoe polish and sit in a cemetery all night…uh, I mean, walk a mile in her shoes.

In the midst of dealing with the death of a dear friend and the disappearance of another, Ivy Malone comes to realize that she is invisible; after all, who actually notices or listens to a LOL (Little Old Lady).   But though she’s practically invisible on the outside, she is one spunky LOL on the inside.  And her inner dialogue, with just the right amount of self-depreciating humor, will make you LOL (Laugh Out Loud) at this intriguing and enterprising LOL.  Ivy Malone makes new friends–and enemies–more easily than she realizes, but her faith in God–despite the hard knocks in life (both literal and figurative) carries her through.  

This book not only entertained me, but also reminded me that we will all grow old one day…sooner than we realize.  I really appreciated having someone like Ivy Malone (though I imagine she is fictional) to lead the way, by her example, to ageing both gracefully and faithfully.  

A word of warning: the book ends on a cliff hanger, so be ready to buy the whole series!


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