“Five Days in Skye” by Carla Yvonne Laureano

A handsome chef, an exotic locale, and lots of heart issues to resolve–a rather good example of the classic romance storyline “Woman Not Looking for Love Gets Swept off Her Feet”.  But I suppose it is a classic storyline because readers never really get tired of it, whether in a book or on the screen.  

Because the story is classic in nature it was more than a little predictable–misconceptions turn into admiration, deep secrets and special outings are shared, malicious females and overbearing brothers to add extra angst.  One thing I do appreciate, in both books and movies, is when the characters don’t sleep together and show at least some restraint (this one was a bit sizzling though…I had to wonder if they would be able to stay under control, but they did).  An entertaining read, but with enough depth to be realistic. I definitely want to  go to Scotland after reading this book…with my husband, of course.  I’d be interested in seeing a movie version…alas, Hollywood tends to have poor taste.    


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