“Lost in Rooville” by Ray Blackston

Jay Jarvis is back and he has the perfect plan…and the perfect ring: go to an exotic locale (Australia) and find the perfect spot to pop the question.  Only one problem–Jay’s not the only one with that plan.  So who gets to go first? And are they really ready to “take the plunge”?   One other thing not accounted for, his “let’s go off road to find the roos” kind of girlfriend.  One busted up Jeep later, and all Jay’s plans go awry: middle of the desert outback, blazing sun, and only thirteen bottles of water. For a numbers guy like Jay, he can calculate the odds for survival…not good.  Faced with desperate circumstances how will Jay cope? What goes through a guy’s mind when he–and the woman he loves–must stare death in the face? And WHERE IS GOD, ANYWAYS?

This is beyond Flabbergasting…more desperate than Delirious….and it is an amazing end to this really well-written, male-point-of-view series.  And no, there are STILL no weddings mentioned! (Argh!)          


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