“Cheney Duvall, M.D.” Series by Lynn (and Gilbert) Morris

If you liked Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, you will definitely like this series by Lynn Morris (the older editions also include her father’s name–Gilbert Morris).  Cheney Duvall is well-bred, but her choice of profession gets her practically ostracized by rich and poor alike.  Follow her on her medical adventures and faith journey as she meets the medical needs of women bound for matrimony in Stars for a Light; faces prejudices and feuds among the mountain folk in Shadow of the Mountains; deals with the devastation of a cholera plague in  A City Not Forsaken; takes on post-civil wars issues and threats in Towards the Sunrising; stands strong against voodoo and a mysterious illness in Secret Place of Thunder; overcomes her own preconceived notions after a fire destroys part of San Fransisco In the Twilight, In the Evening; and flees a volcano in Isle of the Innocent, only to return home and become the means to revenge in Driven with the Wind.  

Dr. Cheney Duvall is a realistic combination of determined and fearful, driven and uncertain, and throughout the series must return again and again to her faith to see her through the heart-rending problems she faces.  But hers is not the only story in the series, we also meet Shiloh Irons–orphan, civil war veteran, prize-fighter…and her new nurse!  In book one Cheney and Shiloh meet.  As time passes they find that they work together well…when they are speaking to one another.  Even by the last book of this series their relationship is still undefined…mainly due to the fact that Shiloh doesn’t share her faith and doesn’t plan to.  God’s hand is portrayed clearly in the events and characters of this series; and it sits on my shelf because I like to return to it again and again.  

Truly good literature…well-researched and true to life.


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