“Help, I’m being intimidated by the Proverbs 31 Woman: My Battles with a Role Model Who’s Larger Than Life” by Nancy Kennedy

Long title…amazing results!

A hilarious look at a serious subject–after all, we all struggle at times with feeling like we don’t measure up;  and in the Christian life, the standards are impossibly high!  

But one woman is determined: she will take every verse from Proverbs 31, and REALLY do it, and so doing would become truly virtuous.  Unfortunately, whenever she tries to accomplish her goals, disaster is waiting just around the corner.  From sheep rampaging to bathrooms covered in dye, Nancy Kennedy keeps her readers laughing, and shares the lessons she learned along the way.  I read it in a library long ago, and just had to have it; it seems more funny now that I have a house and family…but I think everyone would find it highly amusing, not to mention enlightening.  

If you need to laugh at life (especially at someone else’s) read this book!     


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