“Highland Blessings” by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Who doesn’t love a Middle Ages Scottish Romance–warring clans, a captive bride, and a feud that refuses to die.  Akira MacKenzie was supposed to marry into their sworn enemy’s clan, but the man she was to marry doesn’t want her.  To fulfill his father’s dying wish, Bryce MacPhearson kidnaps the woman his brother is supposed to marry, but unforeseen circumstances lead him to make her his own bride.  Tentatively they learn to trust one another, but their fragile trust is tested time and again as the truce that joins their families proves to be even more fragile.  Someone is determined to keep the feud alive.  As lives are lost and mystery abounds, both Akira and Bryce learn that God is the only one who will not abandon them, and that trusting in Him is the only way to experience Highland Blessings.

As for critiques, I would say that the villians’ motives and courses of action were a little incongruous and underdeveloped; though this did keep the book from being thriller-like throughout. (It is hard to appreciate the romance if you constantly feel on edge)  The main characters were much better developed, but didn’t have too much baggage (the bane of most modern romances).  I’m glad I bought it, and I hope to read more from this author.  It’s a great rainy-day book.  Oh, with cocoa, of course… 



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