“Fools Rush In” by Janice Thompson

It was an honest mistake.  All she needed was a deejay to help MC the first Boot Scootin’ wedding that she was planning.  What she got was a tall, blonde contractor/cowboy from Splendora, Texas–named DJ.  Oops!  Oh, and her family–her large, loud, feuding, Italian family–just invited him over for dinner.  Now her world is full of cowboy boots (literally), and she has to wonder if maybe God’s not getting her ready to wear a pair herself.  But can Italian–very Italian–and Texan–very Texan–mix?  They can.  But it leads to a (pick-up) truck full of laughs and lessons for both families.

Janice Thompson is both witty and deep: from the Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin chapter titles to the concerns of a pushing-thirty wedding planner who needs to learn to let God control everything…readers will be amused and touched by the outrageous ordinary that is Bella Rossi’s life.


3 comments on ““Fools Rush In” by Janice Thompson

  1. nice post. very well written. you have unique content.

  2. Zachariah says:

    Classic “two worlds collide”. I found this book amusing. It was light hearted, without out too much tension (plenty of funny chaos, though)

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