“The Katie Weldon Series” by Robin Jones Gunn

I first read a Robin Jones Gunn book when I was about twelve years old.  She wrote the Christy Miller series that followed the life (from 14 on) of an ordinary Christian girl, Christy Miller.   The Katie Weldon series is a spin-off of that series: she was (is) Christy’s best friend.  Now Christy and her dreamy surfer are married, and Katie is trying to finish up her senior year at college.  While Christy is a sweet, serious type of person that gets along well with anyone, Katie is quite different.  She is outgoing, spontaneous, and perhaps slightly disorganized–she still needs to figure out her major!   This series follows Katie as she navigates a very eventful senior year.  From juggling work and studies with a new relationship and new responsibilities, to figuring out what to do with all the surprises and opportunities God drops in her lap; Katie must learn that God’s ways really are mysterious, and that following after Him, will take her to places–and people–she would never even dream of.

I really liked these books (there are four).  Robin has a way of making you really see everything from Katie’s viewpoint without writing in first person.  Having Katie’s back story (found in the Christy Miller series) would probably help readers enjoy this series more, but Katie is so loveable and easy to relate to, that it is not really necessary.  Katie is so real, and her adventures are realistic–if you happen to believe in a God who is capable of mystery, humour, and everyday miracles.  She sees God’s wonder in a star-filled night, and grows through interacting with a variety of other people.  And though she feels, at times, that she will never find Mr. Right, and was never meant to–there is definitely romance lurking in her future…because Katie Weldon is worth the wait.

If you’ll excuse me…writing about this series makes me want to re-read it–so I shall. Happy reading to you too!   Let me know what books you are reading!


2 comments on ““The Katie Weldon Series” by Robin Jones Gunn

  1. Zachariah says:

    I enjoyed this series. The characters are so well defined, I came away feeling like I knew Katie as a real person, and had actually met her.
    One thing that I always wondered, however, was why (SPOILER ALERT) Robin Jones Gunn never wrote the exact dollar amount of Katie’s inheritance. Everything else was so detailed and complete.

    • jaybin1984 says:

      True, though she does tell us that it was more than 200,000 dollars, and that almost half of if was already gone: so I would guess somewhere between 500,000 to 1,000,000 dollars. Guess you could always try to ask Robin Jones Gunn herself. 🙂

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