“Father Brown” by G. K. Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton shows us yet another side of his writing genius in his mystery stories starring Father Brown–a rather short, unremarkable priest.  Father Brown has heard too many whispered confessions in his lifetime to be as innocent as he seems.  

Whether he is catching a thief who is stalking him, or re-connecting heads with the correct bodies, his insight into human motivations makes him the perfect person to catch the criminal.  Even in the midst of chaos and terror (on the part of others) Father Brown remains calm, logical, and level-headed.  I suppose the one thing that is frustrating about him, is that he always seems to know the answers before anyone else does.  But as a replacement for Sherlock Holmes, he does nicely…his adventures are chilling, but not nightmare-inducing (well except maybe for the one with the murderer hiding on a coat rack). 

This particular novel contains the mysteries (or I assume a least most of them) from the Father Brown books: The Innocence of Father Brown, The Wisdom of Father Brown, The Incredulity of Father Brown, The Secret of Father Brown, The Scandal of Father Brown.

Who’s your favourite detective?


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