“Wolf’s Captive” by M. J. Douven

A gripping story of captives and their captors: and the difference that one life devoted to God can make in the lives of others.  Lyssia is captured by Northern Raiders, their leader is captivated by her.   Her choice to do what is right makes her a shining light, drawing even the hardest of hearts to God, and changing the course of her life–and all the captives’ lives.

This story reminds us that God will do whatever it takes to seek and find the lost.  “He opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble”, is likely the central idea of this book.  In it there were two captives: one, who graciously adapted to being a slave, and one who, by his own bad choices, suffered more hardship than necessary and grew bitter.

The places and people in this story were well-described and held one’s interest, and cultural differences were subtly highlighted.  One thing that was less clear was the religious beliefs of the people–especially the Northern Raiders.  How did Lyssia know about God when her family did not?  Is it believable that the Northern Raiders simply had no religious beliefs other than to promote honour, glory, and strength of arm?  It is the main question that I am left with by the end of the book.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed this book…everything was just right in it: just enough villains, just enough action, just enough heartache, and just enough romance.  For a book about sailing raiders, I was pleased to find the author didn’t go overboard on those points.   🙂


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