“Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women” by George MacDonald

This book was not really what I was expecting given the title; but it was an intriguing, if lengthy, novel.  It followed the adventures, misfortunes and raptures of a young man in Faerie Land.  In many ways in reminded me of Alice in Wonderland with the abrupt changes in his circumstances, moods, and locations.  As he says himself, once he had returned from this astounding and lesson-filled journey:

“When, at night, I lay down once more in my own bed, I did not feel at all sure that when I awoke, I should not find myself in some mysterious region of Fairy Land.  My dreams were incessant and perturbed; but when I did awake, I saw clearly that I was in my own home.

My mind soon grew calm; and I began the duties of my new position, somewhat instructed, I hoped, by the adventures that had befallen me in Fairy Land.  Could I translate the experience of my travels there, into common life?  This was the question.  Or must I live it all over again, and learn it all over again, in the other forms that belong to the world of men, whose experience yet runs parallel to that of Fairy Land?”


One comment on ““Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women” by George MacDonald

  1. tlchurcher says:

    My favourite author since I was 8. He wrote for children and adults. Lilith is considered his darkest work. He is more appreciated in the US although he was Scottish.

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