The Kennebrae Brides Series by Erica Vestch

In the early 1900’s on the shores of the Great Lakes, shipping tycoon Abraham Kennebrae hatches a brilliant plan.  For the good of his business…uh, GRANDSONS, he has made arrangements to marry them off to wealthy and well-connected businessmen’s daughters.  Stubborn and wily old man that he is, his unwilling grandsons must go to great lengths to escape his plans, or see their dreams go to dust.

The Bartered Bride:

Jonathan has been helping his grandfather run the family business for years.  A driven, stubborn man, he is horrified to learn of his grandfather’s scheme. He must chose: marry a woman he has never met, or lose his position in the family shipping business.

The bride to be is equally horrified to find out she has been bartered away to help her father’s business grow.  She already has too much to worry about with her nighttime rendezvous to help immigrant women better themselves.  She is even more upset when she mistakenly believes that Abraham Kennebrae is to be her groom.

Once they meet however, they cannot deny the growing attraction.  But can their fragile truce withstand the revelations that follow their engagement announcement?

The Marriage Masquerade

After wrecking his ship in a storm, Captian Noah Kennebrae runs from his failure and his grandfather’s schemes, and takes a job as an assistant lighthouse keeper on a tiny island.

Anastasia Michaels hates water, so she is sure that her father will never think to look for her on a tiny island as a helper to a lighthouse keeper’s wife.

Noah and Anastasia cannot deny their growing attraction for each other, but their consciences keep pricking them: they are both already trapped in an engagement to someone else.  When the truth is revealed, will they forgive each other for the secrets they have been keeping? Will they hold on to love? or to hurt?

The Engineered Engagement

When she finds out her older sister is to be married to a Kennebrae, Josie Zahn can’t help but find the prospective groom attractive.  But when she finds out that her sister is in love with someone else and can’t bring herself to marry Eli Kennebrae, she is disheartened to find that her father simply chooses to marry her to him–will she ever be more than just another Zahn girl?  As she rebels against being treated as interchangeable with her sister and finds a deceptive way to find recognition for her true gifts as a structural engineer, she finds that someone seems intent on stopping her at all costs.  But will her deception cost her to lose the trust of the man she has grown to love?

Erica Vestch has great plots in all these books, they are all sufficiently different and yet the lessons learned in each are similar: God’s plan will prevail–no amount of deception or feelings of betrayal can stop the Great Matchmaker.

I really like her as an author.  Her settings are unique and well-researched, and her characters are well-developed.  This series, in particular, captured my imagination.  I hope you will enjoy it too!  I’m sure I’ll be blogging about more of her books in the future.


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