“Son of Interflux” by Gordon Korman

Enter the world of Simon Irving, would-be painter and son of the CEO of Interflux, the world’s provider of important items: like the ball for ballpoint pens.  Simon has a good relationship with his father; forged over the years by sneaking to fast food joints when meat disappears from the dinner menu.  The only thing to cause friction between them is the fact that Simon’s father wants him to be the next CEO type; Simon wants to be an artist.  

Problems arise when Simon’s father finally agrees to let him go to a fine arts high school.  No one there likes Interflux, so Simon goes to great lengths to keep his connection a secret.  Navigating a new school presents its own challenges however, especially with a temperamental Art instructor, a “let’s find a way to let our inner-energy flow” English teacher, and a fanatical Biology teacher.   

But those are just the little problems.  Simon just found out that Interflux is starting to expand towards the school, and stands poised to destroy the natural beauty of nature around it.  But what if Simon found a way to stop them?  What if, just this once, Interflux missed something, and Simon could turn it against them?  In an all out battle of technicalities and legalities, can one teen-aged boy take on Interflux?

With the battle raging on both the school-front and the home-front, how is Simon going to cope?  His outrageous and ingenuous plans inspire the whole school.

Another amazing book from one of my favourite authors, Gordon Korman.  His wacky characters and funny plot twists keep the reader laughing and guessing until the very end.  I have this book on my shelf.  I highly recommend you get it on yours!


2 comments on ““Son of Interflux” by Gordon Korman

  1. Zachariah says:

    I loved this book! It made me laugh and laugh all the way through!

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