“Consider the Birds” by Debbie Blue

The best part of this book was the pictures. Unfortunate that. I was looking forward to reading about the birds of the Bible: about the part they played in the Biblical accounts and the significance God has given them.

Instead, I got to read about their habits and habitats (and that we are destroying them) and their place in the mythology and cultures of the world. The author talked about birds in the Bible perhaps 10% of the time. The rest was a rant on environmental issues, too much information about the birds (that I could have found on Wikipedia): their habits, habitats, food sources, history, all the mythology surrounding them, and their plumage. When she wasn’t telling us inconsequential stories or stating things most people would take for granted, she was sharing her own theology of God (whom she never referred to as “He”). Every time she mentions God, Christ, or the Bible she (often blatantly) casts doubt on them and their work. She says she wants us to see God from a wider perspective, but her view of God is very one-dimensional. God is love, God loves, God is not interested in power or worship or sacrifice (including that of Christ’s). It seems that she must see God as imperfect to comprehend that “Godself” can love the imperfect. Also, she assumes evolution is true. For a book labeled “Christian” and an author who pastors a church, there was a great lack of Truth.

The writing style also turned me off. I think she was trying to come across as “real”. In reality, she used lots of “potty talk” and gross metaphors. Also, it was just not well-written. Long, redundant sentences; vague or incomplete thoughts and points, illogical arguments—to name a few of the issues. She was everywhere, and therefore nowhere.  And nowhere I wanted to be.     

NetGalley (https://www.netgalley.com) provided an advance copy of this book for me to read and give my honest opinion on it.  It will be published August 20th 2013.


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