“Rules of Murder” by Julianna Deering

There were so many things I liked about this book!  For one, the author has a pen name; I find it adds extra flair to the book: like brownies with whip cream on top.

I could also go on about how well the characters are described and how interesting their interactions with one another are; making a book about murder somewhat less horrifying thanks to the appropriate levity.  Great descriptions, an interesting time period, and just the right amount and type of romance and spiritual discovery makes this book so much more than a “whodunit”.  The mystery itself I can’t describe without giving everything away.  All I can say is that finding the murderer is much harder than one would think!  

The best part about this book though is the title: Rules of Murder.  Why?  Because the author of this breathtaking mystery had the genius idea to write a mystery that broke all the “rules” laid out by another author who wrote a book on “what shouldn’t be included when writing a mystery”.  And she pulls it off remarkably well. This book is a must-read for mystery lovers.

Thanks to NetGalley (https://www.netgalley.com) and Bethany House, I was provided with a copy of this marvellous mystery to read and review by giving my honest opinion on it.  “Rules of Murder” will come out on August 15, 2013. 


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