“A Simple Change” by Judith Miller

Here’s a novel about the intriguing life of those in the Amana Colonies, specifically Jancey Rhoder, who moves there with her father and dying mother.   This book gives readers a close look at the habits and beliefs of this religious group through the eyes of a newcomer who is trying to fit in.  Jancey does not regret her decision to come, it is those she must make once she arrives that causes her inner turmoil and builds her faith.  Three men hold a piece of her heart, but which one will prove worthy enough to build a future with?  Strange discoveries, new opportunities and unfortunate accidents lend just the right touch of intrigue to this book.  

Written in a first-person narrative style, this novel makes for an interesting blend of well-written narrative and personal soul-searching.  The dialogue seemed rather formal at times, but perhaps that was intentional.  The research that must have gone into this novel makes it enriching and informative, without reading like a travel guide.  I am looking forward to seeing what other stories this author will spin in this delightful and restful setting. 

Thank you to Net Galley (https://www.netgalley.com) and Bethany House Publishers who provided me with a copy of this book to read and review.  I believe the book was published on August 1: so you won’t have to wait to buy it and to read it for yourself!   


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