“There’s a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse” by Jessie Clemence

What a personable author!  As a mother of four, I can be a little cynical about parenting books in general, and Christian ones in specific.  But Jessie is irresistible in both her tone and content.  I felt exhorted and encouraged, as she added humor with just the right mix of Biblical examples and personal experience.  I found her to be insightful and self-depreciating, which is nice, because it makes the occasional convicting feel less like finger-pointing and more like “been there, done that; don’t go there, trust me on this”.   

My favorite portions were the Interviews she did with other mothers, which tied in with the chapter content.  It was really great to hear the perspectives of mothers who have well, different perspectives!  …and what mother doesn’t like to hear stories about OTHER peoples’ kids??  

I found myself taking notes on several of the topics the author explores.  She gives practical advice without sounding like a “know-it-all”; and promotes spiritually-healthy, biblically-based attitudes like humility and contentment (to name a couple). The discussion questions and verses to study at the end of the chapters would make this a great book for a mothers’ group, as well as for personal study. Not too serious and not too zany, this book is perfect for mothers…if they can find some time to read it! 

Thanks to Net Galley (https://www.netgalley.com/) and Discovery House Publishers for providing a copy of this book to me to read and review.  It drew me in, from the title page to the conclusion.  I’m glad I got an opportunity to read it.  I hope you will too!  


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