“Raising a Lady in Waiting: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Daughter Avoid a Bozo” by Jackie Kendall

Though the issues addressed by this book were very important and her suggestions for change Biblically-founded; the book wasn’t as well-written as I would have hoped.  The author’s passion for her subject matter is apparent, a fact which I certainly applaud, but her writing style was difficult to follow and her hopes for change undefined.

Perhaps she was just trying to say too much at once and ended up not saying enough of anything, because there was little logical progression and transitions between paragraphs.  As a result, her message is garbled by this lack of continuity and vagueness of words, terms and ideas (example: the idea of a “Lady in Waiting” is never defined or expanded on).  She paints, with broad strokes, pictures of the world, current Christian culture and parental blind spots.  She also speaks in slang and word images better suited to teens.

I felt the author had not fully synthesized her ideas into a model or paradigm that would be easy to understand and follow.  For example, she vaguely defines the “No-zone” as a boundary of sexual purity that is somewhere between French kissing and below-the-neck touching.  In a following section she talks about “how far is too far” and answers with a verse that says a young man should (physically-speaking) treat a girl as a younger sister.  I imagine that most boys would not be French kissing their sister, so to me, this seems if not contradictory, at least very confusing.  Without suggesting clear and consistent guidelines throughout the book it is difficult to articulate what she was actually advising.  As it is her goal to reach a great number of girls with the messages in this book, I find myself unable (not unwilling!) to help her accomplish it.

I received a copy of this book through Net Galley (https://www.netgalley.com) from Destiny Publishers Inc. to read and review giving my honest opinion.


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