“Welcome to Last Chance” by Cathleen Armstrong

Life’s tough.  Lainie Davis has known that since her mom kicked her out of the house at age sixteen.  So far, it hasn’t gotten better.  Maybe all she needs is just one last chance.  She gets it when she coasts into Last Chance, New Mexico–population 743.

People around here are strange, though;everybody seems to be making her business theirs and mentioning God every other sentence.   And what’s with the bartender who pretends to have a family?  But as Last Chance proves to be a haven, Lainie can’t help but learn to love the kind, loving people around her.  It almost makes her forget that someone “back home” hasn’t given up on finding her.  Who will keep her safe?

The characters in this book were “real” people.   I liked how everyone (in Last Chance) had good points, but no one was portrayed as perfect (even the best examples of Christianity).  God woos Lainie quietly in this novel; she learns to depend on Him by watching the lives and examples of the people around her.  And everyone who meets Lainie tends to learn a few things too. 

Thanks to Net Galley (https://www.netgalley.com) and Revell for providing me with a copy of this novel to read and review.  


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