“Icing on the Cake” by Janice Thompson

I finally got a chance to read “Icing on the Cake” Weddings by Design book #2.   Still on Galveston Island, Texas, Janice spins yet another tale of an unlikely pair finding love.  As in all her stories, Janice deals with some of the insecurities that people face and how they come to realize that they must have God’s point of view to truly thrive.  

The unlikely duo in this romance is Scarlet, baker extraordinaire and entrepreneur (thanks to her Aunt Wilhemina) and none other than the Rossi family prodigal, Armando (introduced in the Weddings by Bella series).  Only Janice Thompson could bring a pastor’s daughter with weight issues and a handsome “bad boy” together with such finesse.  We are reminded throughout the book that people are more than they appear, and more than their appearance.  

Many favorite Galveston characters return, giving yet another perspective to already known characters.   Of course the tale would not be complete without adding a couple more quirky characters, stressful situations and funny sayings at the beginning of each chapter.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!  (My only complaint is that she makes the food sound so good it was difficult to refrain from putting the book down and starting to bake! —thankfully she includes a couple recipes at the end)



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