“Fired Up” by Mary Connealy

The second in her newest series, “Fired Up” is full of adventure, mayhem, and romance.   Dr. Dare Riker, wonders if he should really keep calling himself one–he doesn’t have a license–anyways, he might not be around much longer: if someone gets their wish.  Glynna is a woman with two too many last names and she’s not looking to add on another.  But circumstances keep throwing them together, and if they can catch a murderer before they succeed, their love just might have a chance of survival.  

This series (Trouble in Texas) follows four friends, whose friendship was forged when they banded together to help others survive the danger and suffering in a Civil War prison camp; and it was stamped with the name “Regulators”.  Having survived the Civil War, these men are ready to make new lives for themselves; but danger, intrigue (and women!) keep dogging their steps. 

One thing I appreciate about Mary Connealy is how she draws connections between series and between the books in a series.  This series is loosely related to the Kincaid brothers series (Luke Stone is the brother of Callie Kincaid, the wife Seth Kincaid forgot he had: Kincaid Brothers series book #3 ).  Also, her romances are more believable because she introduces the players of the next book in the previous one, giving a wider perspective to her characters as readers see them (and their romances) develop over the course of more than one book.  (She also does this with her Montana Marriages series and her series Sophie’s Daughters).  

On another note, it is nice to see her use variety in both her settings and characters.  Her characters have well-developed backgrounds, giving readers a deeper understanding of motives and emotions, but are told in such a way so as not to overshadow the main plot of each book.  I really enjoy her stories and would honestly be hard-pressed to pick a favourite: they are all well-thought out and well-delivered.  I suppose my favourite would be whichever one I am reading at the time. After reading the first two books, I can hardly wait for the next one to come out!         

Thank you to Net Galley (https://www.netgalley.com) and Bethany House for providing me with an advance copy of this great book to read and review.    


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