“The Vanishing Evangelical” by Calvin Miller

A book about the phenomenon that can be clearly seen in our world of today: Evangelicals are vanishing—and it isn’t because of the Rapture.  Calvin Miller explores the reasons why people, especially the younger generations, are leaving the church—at least the local one.  Full of statistics, quotations and facts that stare the reader in the face and dare him (or her) to blink, this book speaks of a stark reality and gives a hard message—there is no going back to the “way things were”.  Although much of the book can seem disheartening because of its realistic message, the reader is not left without some hope.  Can Evangelicalism be revived?  Likely not.  But, the book reminds us, though the way is narrow, anyone willing to follow Christ Jesus wholeheartedly may well become the catalyst to continuing the mission Christ-followers were left with: evangelizing a lost world.

The writing style began quite well (the author gives an excellent explanation of what he means by “evangelical”).  However, I found the following chapters to, at times, be difficult to follow.  The author seemed a little random in his paragraph topics; moving from one thought to another without informing his readers why.  Also, there were moments, when I wondered if the writer was contradicting himself or had just been unclear in previous statements.  I would have like to hear what the author really thought of the situation (vanishing evangelicals) earlier in the book (instead of at the end); because I tend to agree with his analysis of the situation and the solution he suggests.

Thank you to Net Galley (https://www.netgalley.com/) and Baker Books for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.


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