“Destiny Brides” by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer and Murray Pura

This 2 in 1 romance can best be described as action-packed.
When a man is offered heaven by a dying man, he doesn’t realize that the man didn’t just mean his property…he meant his daughter. As sole protector and provider for her now-blind sister, Heaven has learned to greet strange men with a shotgun…of course, she never meant to hit the stranger. Now in a whirlwind of mistakes, disappointments, surprises, and romance, Heaven must decide if she wants to marry the man her father chose for her or try to make her own way in the world. A funny yet moving story that will keep you guessing and touch your heart…so long as you can hang on for the ride!

In story number two we are introduced to Charlotte Spence and two youngsters with too many secrets. When a serial killer known as the Angel of Death (Seraphim Raber) targets the children, they must elicit help from a handsome rancher who has had a crush on Charlotte for a while. But how much do they really know about one another? On a cross-country race, these four must flee the man who wants them dead…and who seems to know their every move. But the children aren’t the only ones with secrets. As the plot is woven for the readers, will the secrets revealed unravel the would-be romance between Zeph Parker and Charlotte Spence? Or will it be the killer who drives them apart?

Oddly, the only thing these stories have in common is the name of a character from each novel: in the first, Angel is Heaven’s blind sister. In the second the serial killer, Seraphim Raber, is also called Angel (of Death). I suppose the time period is similar, both taking place after the Civil War, but the locations, plots, and characters are very different. They are both excellent novels. The first for its dialogue and humour, the second for its intriguing themes. Also interesting, the second novel was written by a man. The author included several details that would have appealed mainly to men, and the hero seemed a little too perfect (handsome, a cowboy who could quote books and poetry, and verbose in his appreciation for the woman he loved). It just made me wonder if the author himself is just a very romantic soul, or if he simply wrote in everything he thought a woman (reader) would appreciate.

Thank you very much to NetGalley (https://www.netgalley.com) and Barbour Publishing Inc. for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review. It came out on November 1st of this year, so you can buy it today and start reading right away!


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