“New England Romance Collection” 5 in 1 novel

Since there were several stories in this book I will give my opinion on each separately

The Prisoner’s Wife by Susan Page Davis

The colonial period is not one that is often written about, but I must say it intrigues me.  This story in particular I enjoyed.  

When he is falsely accused of murder, a man makes a desperate choice to keep his land from falling into the wrong hands–he gets married.  What will life look like for the woman who agrees to wed him?  

A serious, but interesting story with mystery and romance. (My favourite kind!)   

Love’s Raid by Darlene Franklin

I liked the characters in this book and how the romance develops.  Its hard to put into words why, but I found the story beautiful and exciting.  The main characters are a would-be headmistress of a girls’ school, and a one-armed civil war vet. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…or you could just read the book! 

Michaela’s Choice by Lisa Harris

After her husband and little girl die in a fire, Michaela must make some important choices…namely, which of the men interested in her will she marry? 

A word of warning, this book has been published on it’s own before.  So don’t be surprised if it seems familiar.  If you liked it the first time through, you’ll enjoy it a second time.  

All that Glitters by Lynette Sowell

When a young socialite is forced to become engaged to the Count her mother has chosen, her life is turned upside down.  Her faith is severely tested during this time as she must trust God to know what is best for her and make it come to pass.  Not an easy endeavor as her heart already belongs to another.

In Search of a Dream by Pamela Griffin 

If you have read her earlier works (New York Brides, I believe) you will likely enjoy hearing more about what happens with some of the young characters introduced in them.  On the verge of adulthood, Clemmie tries to put her intense infatuation with one of the former students to rest–after all, she hasn’t heard from him in over a year.  But when she happens across him unexpectedly, she is ready to face the challenges before her to help him realize his dreams…even at the expense of hers.

Thank you to Net Galley (https://www.netgalley.com) and Barbour Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review. 


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