“The Lone Star Romance Collection” by Kimberley Comeaux and Cathy Marie Hake

Two different series under one cover that makes you wish the Lone Star State was bigger!

Story #1 features a mislabeled “scarlet woman” and her young daughter.  When the new preacher arrives in town and comes calling, will she have the courage to face past hurts and fight for love?

In story #2 Patience Primrose is running out of, well, patience!  What will it take for the men of the town to look past her plain exterior and see the woman within: especially the exasperated (and exasperating) Sheriff?

Full of drama and angst these two novels were really entertaining, but they also touched on subjects that leave the characters and readers with lessons to learn from.

As for the second series, well, what could make for a better heroes than Scotsmen fresh off the boat?  Oh, I know…make them live in Texas!

While the series (especially the first) deals with serious subject matter, laughs are abundant as well.  Skunks, armadillos and gingerbread, are only a few of the things these Scotsmen have to figure out: and that’s not counting the intriguing, though frustrating women they come in contact with!

I’ll leave the rest up to your imaginations, but I can tell you that I spent the night up finishing this delightful collection.  I especially liked the choice of titles for each one: Love Mercy, Walk Humbly, and Do Justly (about a doctor, a cobbler, and a lawman, respectively).   

Thank you to NetGalley (https://www.netgalley.com/) and Barbour Books Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.  


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