“Tumbleweed Weddings” by Donna Robinson

Welcome to Fort Lob, Wyoming, population 576. Just because it’s a small town doesn’t mean nothing ever changes. In fact, for several of the town’s citizens, there are several unexpected events on the horizon.

It all starts with one of the town’s librarians, who feels stuck in her pretty sister’s shadow. When an enigmatic and handsome ‘agent’ comes to town, will she be able to help him find God, and love? Or will the mystery he lives come between them?

Tonya, the pretty sister, has an important lesson to learn about love and beauty. But who will be the one to teach her: the homely highway patrolman who she’s known her whole life, or the secret admirer who sends her gifts and discovers her heart?

Big brother Derek has plans. Plans not to marry before forty years of age so he can serve the Lord. But with siblings marrying and moving away, and his parents leaving him the ranch so they can travel, loneliness becomes a companion he wasn’t expecting. Will someone else become another? Does God have a different plan for his life, and how will Derek respond if He does?

This novel contains three delightful romances, but the second was my favourite and flowed the best. The introductions to the characters (specifically the townsfolk) seemed a flat in the first story, but they were well developed in both the second and third. A few romances in the sidelines give the stories added spice and flare. The epilogue of the last book brings everything together well. I’ll be interested to see what Donna Robinson has for her readers next.

Thank you to Net Galley (https://www.netgalley.com/) and Barbour Publishing for providing me with this book to read and review. If you like small town romances (like I do) this is the book for you!



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