The Sword and the Staff Series by Patrick W. Carr

More fast-paced than Tolkien, but just as demanding of his heroes, Patrick W. Carr keeps his readers spell-bound and entertained. In his world destinies collide, and sacrifices must be made for the good of all.

Not only does Carr create a world we can picture, he also creates characters that are unforgettable in their personalities and frailties. In the end it all comes down to choices: for we are always given the choice to obey our God.

The author does an excellent job describing politics and cultures of various peoples and institutions, and deals with questions of theology artfully in his book. Set in a world that is as fictional, as it is eerily familiar, the readers travel the length and breadth of it, in the amazing journey of a village’s drunk who is about to encounter destiny, whether he wants to or not. Along the way, a variety of people will speak into his life and help to shape and form him into the man he will become.

Carr gives his readers plenty of information without being tedious by using well-chosen words and vivid descriptions. If you like in-the-heart-of-the-action adventures coupled with epic journeys this is the series for you. Each book in the series is equally gripping and extremely well-written, each has a plot of it’s own, but you must read to the conclusion to have the whole story. Any new reader will definitely want to have the third book already in hand before reading the second, as there is less of a break in the drama.

For those who have already enjoyed the first two and have eagerly anticipated the third, you will not be disappointed. Though some things are left unexplained, there is an excellent sense of closure and completeness to the story.

Thank you to Net Galley ( and Bethany House for providing me with a copy of the third book in the series “A Draw of Kings” to read and review. I’ve already bought the first two, and will soon add the third.



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