The Beaches and Brides Romance Collection


Each of these novels has been published separately in the past, but if you are looking for some of the older novels of your new favourite authors this is the book for you.

A Time to Embrace by Lynn A. Coleman

The Captain’s Wife by Mary Davis

The Castaway’s Bride by Susan Page Davis

Lightkeeper’s Daughter by Paige Winship Dooley

Restoration by Cathy Marie Hake

From a nanny who must fight the urge to stay with her charge and his handsome uncle, to the dilemma faced by a man who learns to love his friends widow who is hiding her past, to a castaway who returns home to find his cousin has taken his place in the family business and his fiancee’s heart, to a lonely light-housekeeper’s daughter who is reunited with the man who left her behind, and to a World War I vet who returns home only to hear the voice of the enemy in the speech of a lovely young artist, the array of stories are bound to intrigue readers and give them the adventure and romance that they long to read.

These stories are all from well-known authors who know how to write well, so though the stories can seem all too short, they have good character and plot development. I appreciated that the combination and order of light-hearted novels and more serious ones allowed the reader to have a break between the heavier novels.

Thank you to Net Galley( and Barbour Publishing for providing me with this lovely collection to read and review. Grab a cup of herbal tea and put on some nature sounds of the ocean to put yourself in the mood while reading these stories.




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