“Four Weddings and a Kiss” by Mary Conealy, Robin Lee Hatcher, Debra Clopton, and Magaret Brownley

Four Weddings and a Kiss is an exciting collection from a group of authors who know how to spark romance for couples who, at first glance, seem mismatched. From a rancher and a tomboy, to a would be editor and an adventurer, a tornado victim and a wanderer, to a poor widow and a lawyer—these stories will make your heart beat faster and your smile grow wider as you read of their adventures. Join four preachers as they tell these stories to a conservative, young minister in love a woman who is, in his words, reckless. Can these stories help him have a change of heart? Or will he need more to push him towards the woman he loves?

My only critique is, of course, that the stories were too short! Luckily, these authors excel at fitting a lot of information seamlessly into their stories; the reader is left wanting more, but is not starved for details.

Grab a cowboy hat and get ready for a heady gallop through these Western romances.

Thank you to NetGalley (https://www.netgalley.com/) and Thomas Nelson for providing me with this book to read and review.


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