“Tried and True” by Mary Connealy

True to their name, the Wilde women have wild ways—like dressing up as men and fighting in the Civil War. With the war behind them, they can focus on building themselves homes as they homestead near Aspen Ridge. Unfortunately for one of them, her home is on land an empire-building rancher wants to keep. When a handsome land agent with probing eyes sees through her disguise, Kylie, the youngest of the sisters, realizes it’s not just her home at stake—it’s her heart. What does Kylie Wilde want? A ‘civilized’ life with teas and parties back East? Or a man who finally lets her be the woman God intended?

This novel was a fun start to what is sure to be another great series from Mary Connealy. Mary is on the ball with adventures and descriptions which will have you in the thick of it in no time.

Thank you to NetGalley (https://www.netgalley.com/) and Bethany House for providing me with this book to read and review. I’ll definitely be adding it to my personal library (and recommending it to all my friends!)


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