“Storm Siren” by Mary Weber

What makes a book a good one?

Is it the story-line: the twists and turns of the plot? Or is it the characters: how well they draw you into their lives by showing you how they grow in spite of hardship? Or is there more to it than that?

Storm Siren’s story is both freeing and horrifying.

Evil infiltrates it, saturates its characters and can only be overcome at great cost. Good whispers in, pulsing hope to the one who needs it most desperately, and can only be overcome by doubt. For the slave girl trapped by her powers the question is a refrain throughout the book: Are her powers a curse, or a gift?

The author does an excellent job at making us live this girl’s realities as well as her deepest fears and stirring hopes. Exploring the themes of evil, self-loathing, and disbelief, the Storm Siren tells us her story from her point of view. Confusing her entire existence is the man she wants, but cannot have: whom she hates and yet cannot help loving—the one who can help her control her powers. Is he her friend? Or her enemy?

Based on the plot and the characters, it was an an electrifying book—striking to the heart.

But could it be more? Good is hard to come by in this novel. While the slow development of the heroine brings a rainbow of hope to the soul, the author seems to focus more on the surrounding evils. It leaves the reader wondering: is it possible to win over evil? Apparently even people who have chosen to be good can be breached—with none to save. The Creator is mentioned, but His guiding hand is all but invisible—Is He then unknowable, a fantasy? This thought causes me significant theological concerns.

Though it strikes the heart, it leaves the soul frozen with fear. That is the power of the Storm Siren.

Thank you to NetGalley (www.netgalley.com) and Thomas Nelson for providing me with a copy of this book to review.


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