“After a Fashion” by Jen Turano

With conflict mounting on every page, this story hold the reader in it’s grip. Which is a good thing, because the twists and turns in the plot come thick and fast.

She was a backroom hat maker until one fateful delivery to the home of an obtuse, stubborn,  but very wealthy man provided an offer she should have refused, but couldn’t resist. Now she’s stuck in an uncomfortable lie, which becomes more complicated when her aunt demands her help carrying out her latest scheme. Emotions run high as each tries to bring the other to their way of thinking. Love and life is rocky, exciting, and revealing in this novel.

I like that Jen Turano is an authoress who is not afraid to add ridiculous situations by the cupful, and test the boundaries of believability. Like a literary tightrope walker she keeps her balance and executes her feats of daring with seeming ease.  The character’s flaws and virtues were glaring which made any changes easy to observe. However, I felt there was a little too much conflict to fully appreciate this book as a romance. Jen gives characters (and therefore the reader) little “down time”.  It’s rather like going on a roller coaster ride–breath-taking (literally), yet exhilarating.

Thank you to NetGalley (https://www.netgalley.com) and Bethany House Publishers for providing a copy of this book to read and review.


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