“The Cactus Creek Challenge” by Erica Vetsch

Romance blooms from mayhem. Things are bound to get crazy when a woman becomes sheriff, the blacksmith becomes a baker, or the town’s protector is stuck behind a teacher’s desk—but this the Cactus Creek Challenge and this year women are involved.

Cassie’s loved Ben since she was a child. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to notice she’s done a lot of growing since her tomboy years. She’s not his little sister, and she’s about willing to do anything she can to prove it.

Ben’s got no time to think about romance—he has a town to protect, and his father’s illustrious shoes to fill. But Cassie is surprising him at every turn with her ingenuity, determination, and maturity—when she’s not being a pain in the backside.

Carl is a gentle giant, so long as you don’t ask him to bake more than biscuits. What’s harder than baking cakes, however, is winning the trust of a silent girl, and her skittish mother. What is behind that Southern girl persona? He’s aiming to find out—if it kills him.

Jenny’s already survived an abusive home, and won’t subject her or her daughter to another. But the huge man whose job is now hers, is both terrifying and intriguing. Who’s the real man? The one who sends unruly customers out on their backsides, or the one who can persuade her daughter—and her—out of her shell?

Here’s another great novel from Erica Vestch. I’ve yet to be disappointed in one of them. She’s great for adding humour and mayhem to her plot along with a dash of adventure and a satisfying romance. I stayed up late to get to the end—and didn’t regret missing the good night’s sleep!

Thank you to Netgalley (https://www.netgalley.com/) and Barbour Publishing for a copy of this book to read and review.


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