“Uncensored: Daring to Embrace the Entire Bible” by Brian Cosby

In this book, Brian Cosby dares to point out the disturbing tendency of Christians—even conservative ones—to censor parts of the Bible that confuse or embarrass them, preferring instead to live their lives in light of only partial Scriptural revelation. He rightly warns that when we engage in this practice, we are trying to form God to our image of how He “should” be, instead of remembering that we are supposed to be made in His image.

He first discusses the danger and whys of this behaviour, before focusing on specific “doctrines” the church of today is bent on censoring: the creation account, the reality of sin, the purpose of suffering, the horrors of hell, and what true worship or biblical parenting should entail.

For me, it seems strange to believe that any (or all) of these could be removed from Christianity, without losing the essence of it. I imagine that is part of Cosby’s point. However, I too must carefully consider what areas I may overlook, simply because it is not a comfortable topic of discussion—the wearing of veils in church comes to mind. Yet, I must agree with Cosby that when the reading of a passage of Scripture seems difficult, that the problem lies not with the Author, but with the reader. It’s not that it’s not clear (when read in context)–it’s that we as fallen, sin-natured and nutured people, don’t like what it says.

Cosby covers a lot of ground in his book, and though he must skim only the surface of some of the issues (biblical inspiration, hermeneutics, etc), he gives enough information to whet the reader’s appetite and point them in the right direction for finding more answers. Besides letting the Bible speak for itself and add clarity to his points, I also found Cosby’s referencing of theologians of yesteryear, as well as excerpts of classic hymns, moving and effective.

I would like to thank NetGalley (https://www.netgalley.com/) and David. C. Cook Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.


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