Calico Spy by Margaret Brownley

The third novel in Margaret Brownley’s Undercover Ladies series is written with the same spirit of the other two novels. Calico Spy is a tale of mystery, history, a little mayhem, and not a little love. A Pinkerton, Katie is undercover as a Kansas Harvey Girl. She’s supposed to be working with the town’s sheriff, but he’s not fond of Pinkerton detectives. Then again, Branch Whitman’s never met a woman detective before. How long will it be until she figures out his long kept secret? And if he does work with her, will he finally find out who killed two previous Harvey Girls in his town?

Katie has her hands full tracking down clues, living up to the Harvey Girl standard and schedule, and keeping a firm grip on her heart when Calico, Kansas’ sheriff walks through the door. They both have a job to do. They can’t afford distractions.

I like how Margaret allows us to follow in an old-time gumshoe’s, well, shoes. This isn’t CSI, folks. She and Katie show us just how hard it can be to track down the criminal without much to go on, and no lab results to clarify what makes for an important clue or not. But never fear—Katie always gets her man.

Thank you to NetGalley ( and Shiloh Run Press (an imprint of Barbour Publishing) for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.


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