“Dressed for Death” by Julianna Deering

Julianna Deering presents her readers with a haunting addition to her Drew Farthering series. This was a hard read considering one of the deaths hits close to home for Drew and his bride of six months, and that the author is extremely good at burrowing her characters and their dilemmas into her readers psyche. It was intense in its suspense, perhaps a little too much for my taste. Its certainly not a book that one with an active imagination should read at night—in the dark.
While the spiritual depth was as present in this novel as the others, the crimes seemed so horrible that even an ending where all is explain is little consolation. I suppose it means that Miss Deering is a very good author, however, I am beginning to question whether I want to read about the depravity of mankind and its devastating consequences, both on the victims, and those they leave behind.
There is some predictability in this series. The serial murderer is usually the last person you might suspect, and those you think to proclaim guilty often have innocent explanations for their suspicious actions. Also, for those who played a role in the evil, their motivations were made plain, but for the murderer, no motivation which would lead us to make sense of their actions is satisfactorily provided.
Perhaps the most obvious message in this story is don’t “do” drugs. The consequences are both destructive and fatal.

Thank you to Netgalley (https://www.netgalley.com/) and Bethany House Publishers for providing me with this book to read and review.


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