Love is Patient Romance Collection

Here is another collection of novellas from Barbour Publishing and well-loved authors. While all the stories had delightful moments, deep spiritual truths and interesting characters, my favourites were the first three.
The Spinister’s Beau, by Jill Stengl, takes place on historic Mackinac Island in the early 1800s. From the opening where midwife Jane is tricked into assisting the town doctor with a deranged trapper with severe lacerations, to her role in helping his recovery, both physical and spiritual, there was not a dull moment.
And it was to my eager delight to find the stories of the other two mail-order bride sisters that Erica Vestch introduced in the previous collection Where the Heart Is.
In Lady-in-Waiting, practical Jane is dropped at a sod house, which is next to impossible to clean, to find her new husband is working himself towards an early grave, as he tries live up to a contract he signed with his estranged father. Jane soon finds herself caught up in making her husband’s dreams come true. But what price will she pay for it?
Meanwhile lovely Gwendolyn, the youngest sister, finds herself in a pickle when her groom turns out to be quite old—and quite dead. His grandson has no intention of marrying her, but circumstances force them to make an arrangement. He won’t send her back immediately, if she will help him with his handicapped little sister. How can she convince him she means him and his family no harm, when he is all to willing to believe the worst?
Thank you to NetGalley ( and especially Barbour Publishing for providing me with this great collection of stories to read and review.


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