The Cowboy’s Bride Collection

If you love cowboys and romance, you’ll love curling up with a cup of strong-brewed coffee and this collection of novellas. Nine cowboys’ stories are waiting to lasso your imagination and reel you into their adventures of the heart. Travel across the west with them and the sassy gals that they finally manage to rope and wed.
While high on the romance, I found that most of the novellas had serious plots with little room for humour. As much as I like western romances, I could have stood for more adventure and laughter. One theme seemed reoccurring—that neither in the pair were looking for love, but were irrevocably attracted to one another. With this in mind, I would suggest not reading all nine stories back to back as I have done because it makes the stories run together. The one that stands out in my mind is The Reformed Cowboy, where soon to be ranch-owner Wes participates in a gentleman’s class to better impress Boston transplant Millie, whom he as been corresponding with but has yet to meet. Until he walks into the class and comes under her tutelage…

Thank you to NetGalley ( and Barbour Publishing for providing this book to me to read and review.


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